Principal's Desk

"Happiness is never perfect until it is shared".

School is the prime place where the art of living is taught. Academic excellence and other school activities are not the only main goals of education. Character formation and personality development are also significant aspects of schooling. School life aims at socialization, widening of the outlook, inculcating  the virtues of  sincerity, truthfulness, tolerance and discipline etc. In School, students are moulded and chiseled to become useful and productive persons in the society. A child is an uncut diamond; he is chiseled and polished to be set in the jewellery of life.

In school, students learn how to be happy in life; self giving is a great source of joy. Giving contains double happiness, it makes both the giver and receiver happy.

Service and Social works are main means of self giving to spend one's time, energy, health, money, wisdom, etc for others, and thus be happy in the happiness of others.  It is a rare virtue to find satisfaction in making others happy. Great people are those who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of others. Spread happiness and thus make life fruitful and successful.

All the activities in the school help in fulfilling the youthful desires. Teacher’s role is to guide the students in the right path and remove all the evils from them by sowing the seeds of good qualities in them.

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