Vision & Mission

Our Vision:
To provide all students a world class education focused on high academic standards, moral values and life skills in a motivating and supportive environment so that our students may become responsible and contributing citizen.

Core Values

  • Faith in God
  • Self respect & respect for others
  • Integrity of character
  • Pursuit for excellence
  • Commitment to nation
  • Concern for environment
  • Responsibility
Our Motto:
The School is having the motto Truth, Service, Love. We expect all our children to fill their minds with truth, fill their hearts with love and fill their lives with the spirit of service. Gandhiji said ‘to me God is Truth and Love, God is the source of Light and Life.’ Jesus Christ said “I am the Way, The Truth and the Life”. Once we realize this fact we will be ready to serve others.
Our Mission:
To provide an atmosphere to our students to acquire knowledge, values, skills and attitudes needed to make them self confident and balanced human beings to face the challenges of life.
  • Holistic approach of learning, promoting, development of mind body and soul. 
  • To expand the scope of students innate linguistic competence in a homely atmosphere. 
  • Nurturing innovation in young minds and to prepare individuals to become fore- runners in various fields like scientific, social, political and Economical etc. 
  • Injecting dynamism for an ever changing world. 
  • At Nirmal we encourage. 
  • Develop research skill. 
  • Learn by practice and experience. 
  • Inspire others and be inspired. 
  • To build attractive character and enchanting personality.

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