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1. About 2000 of Indonesia islands would disappear
by 2030 due to rising sea level. Many
islands in the Sundarban in India have already
disappeared According to ones study in last
30 years nearly 31 Sq miles of sundarban have
vanished entirely.
2. Arctic ice is rapidly disappearing, the region
might have its first completely ice free summer
by 2040 or even earlier.
3. An average home is responsible for harmful
co2 emissions more than an average car produce
every year.
4. The amount of ice in the Arctic at the end of
summer 2005 was the smallest seen in 27
5. Grass has started to grow in Antarctica in areas
that were covered by ice sheets and glaciers
previously. Warmer temperature are allowing
grass to survive through winter for the
first time.
6. In the Swiss Alps, a rock twice as big as the
empire state building collapse onto the canyon
floor, nearly 700 feet below the region is
melting glacier due to global warming.
- Anweshna Prasad
Class -VIII Sec-c

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